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QWhat character do you guys feel for or favor?
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Ummmm . . . well, naturally I adore Bassanio, Nerissa, Gratiano and Portia. I identify with Portia most and am in love with Bassanio, and Nerissa and Gratiano are just cool ;)
i think nerissa is pretty bland.
bassanio, i just love him.
porita is a bit of a know-it-all.
gratiano is good fun n' slightly pointless.

what gottcha into merchant?
Personally, I find Nerissa cute, witty and a rather underwritten character.
Bassanio is my boy.
Portia is . . . well, she's rather silly. But that's what makes her fun.
And Gratiano accomplishes quite a lot by not allowing Bassanio to gamble away all that money Antonio gave him.


When I was ;:thinks:: eleven, I was in this class for 'advanced minds' or some crap like that. In other words, it was an all day G/T class instead of normal elementary school classes. And every year, the fifth/sixth grade class did a Shakespeare play. My fifth grade year we did Macbeth -- I auditioned and ended up playing Lady Macbeth. The next year, we did Merchant and I fell in love with it. I auditioned for Portia, obviously, and got the role (however one of the girls whose butts I continuously kicked was a cry-baby and complained that it wasn't fair and the director explained that I was best for the role but her mom got involved) and so I got switched around to playing Bassanio. Some mean tricks were played on me because of this throughout the performances of the play (they had fun with the casket scene), and so I didn't like it for about a year, before becoming entirely obsessed again. I'm known for rattling the Quality of Mercy speech at random intervals.
I like most of them. Portia amuses me, for some odd reason, but I really do love Gratiano. He's amusing, isn't he? ;)

And re: your dissing of Portia and Nerissa.
Nerissa has some useful, interesting, and witty lines. She's not a main character, so don't write her off as "pretty bland" if her purpose is to reflect Portia's opinions. I think Nerissa is dreadfully cute.
And Portia's the shiz. Keep off The Portia! :P
i wasnt quite dissin' portia, she was just a know-it-all.
yes, a witty know-it-all.
i know Nerissa isnt a main character. she's pretty much portia's side kick---- - my pal who played nerrissa in a production was worried she has no real personality or story to play around with.

lynnonpointe, when you become Bassanio-- didja knock a other bass outta the ball park.
was it a all gal-cast?
I beg to differ. She's a witty character who knows what the fuck she's doing. :P
So don't complain if you're aware of the fact that Nerissa isn't a principal character. If you know that, quit complaining about it--it's kind of a shame. She's cool too. And I think that even the most minor characters (ex.: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern) can be played up quite comically or dramatically in the proper fashion if someone puts their mind to it. It's all about how you interpret it. Whether you have a million lines or just two, you can be a big actor. Clichéd as it is, there are no small parts.

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They are! Yay for Ros. & Guild., as they are so concisely referred to in most Shakespeare texts. I love Hamlet in general, though my love in that play has to go to the Danish prince himself. He's just such a sweetie. But I do love how Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are really just there to back each other up. They're almost like Rosenstern and Guildencrantz, which makes them so amusing as they try to establish their identities. Yay.

They are such awesome friends, aren't they? When that relationship is played up, they're really awesome as pals. And Bassanio & Gratiano, too.
(I'd just like to say I'm on mllereddeath's side regarding Portia and Nerissa.)

Personally, I think I was an okay Bassanio considering I was eleven, a girl, squeaky and wanted to be Portia. Yes, I was bitter, but just because half the time I rehearsed as both, yes, opposite myself. I was much better at ranting about mercy than playing Bassanio.

No . . . but because it was a class-play-type-thing, we had limited auditionees, and most of the boys did not audition (they were too cool), none actually auditioned for Bassanio (it was second in line to Portia), and so a lot of the leads were girls. Everyone, actually, except Gratiano (yes, Bassanio, Antonio and Shylock were girls). The Gobbos, princes, and Random Servants were guys, though.

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About those characters:
Lorenzo is a sweetie. Not much else to it.
Jessica is wonderful, and as I always saw it, the run-around girl. She's everywhere and I love it.
Launcelot is okay. Nothing against him at all, he's awesome, just not as up there on the list as others.
Shylock, I have to admit, I don't like. I'm sorry. Nothing at all antisemitic about it at all. I even sort of saw where he was coming from about having his bond and justice (as Portia so eloquently pointed out), although, honestly, I would take the money. I mean, really. ;) But what makes me dislike him so (among other things . . .) is that after Portia ranted at him about mercy for so long, he could find no mercy in his own soul. Sure, he was pissed, but wasn't that Portia's point (and a main idea in the play) to put mercy and forgiveness above anger and justice? Honestly.


And, as I've been rather staying out of this whole Nerissa thing for awhile, I'll just throw something out there for everyone to consider. Nerissa is extremely under-written. She's not a minor character, when you think about it, but nor does she save the day nor is she directly involved in the problem (the Pound of Flesh trial), besides her connection due to her husband, but this makes her no less of a character, it's just harder to *see*. If you've ever read/seen a wonderful book/movie (1962, not 2004) called The Manchurian Candidate (yes, mllereddeath, had to tie it in ;) sorry), you'll remember the characters of Jocelyn Jordan and Eugenie Rose Chaney. They, honestly, just bounce around and are cute and/or tragic, but they're great characters, you just have to look harder to find their little quirks, as they're not involved in the part of the plot you're probably interested in. But they're there and they have a purpose and they're complex. It reminds me a lot of Nerissa, especially Jocie. ;)
mllereddeath, how one earth was i complaining?

haha, boys were servants.

also, you guys made some good points about Portia and Nerissa.
well played, ladies.
My Nerissa opinion wont change though --- - every production I've seen Nerissa was always my least fave.
i'd like to add, i was never raggin' on Portia, just stating.

whattcha guys think about Lorenzo, Launcelot, Shylock and Jessica?
theses character are easily connected!
You're complaining because you're bemoaning what you see as the tragedies of one character not living up to your standards. Please, save me the headache.

Fine, I'm not asking you to change your opinion. Being a bit of a debater-type (not that you could tell ;) ), I've always been very much for people keeping their opinions close to their hearts. But that in no way means that I can think that your opinion is wrong.

And I do think that.

You were dissing Portia, because I view "dissing" or "raggin' " as complaining (are you afraid of me accusing of that, or something?) about the lack of perfection in a character. C'mon. It's a comedic play. Just chill. Perhaps your opinion of Nerissa is based on a particularly bad portrayal or two? Just let go of it. I think she's awesome. Same with Portia.

Calling someone a "know-it-all" is complaining. Trust me. I've heard it often enough in my life to know.

I love Jessica. Shylock is pretty cool, but . . . enh. I like Antonio a lot, though. He's one of my other favourites. <3
i did drop it and i don't needa 'chill-pill'--- -
now that we over killed the fact i dislike nerissa.
yes, characters can have flaws im not searchin' for perfection. like Jessica, who is dumb and later in the play pays for her actions witha spoon full of regret.

Merchant is listed as one of Shakespeare's comedy's, but it's too controversial for that, least i think so. sure, it's got it's laughs but when ya see court act. forget comedy.
whoa, intense.

you are the debater type. hahha.
least it wont get boring.
And you know who's going to be the mature little girlie here? Keep in mind that I am younger than you, and I am by most definitions, "immature and silly" . . .

I'm going to stop here, because I don't debate with people who can't capitalise the word "I" or the beginnings of their sentences; people who can't use apostrophes properly or pluralise the word "comedy" in the proper fashion.

Yep. Character flaws are what makes us all great. Even me, and my mean streak.

Debate off!

sorry my grammar turns ya off.
i never intended for a real debate.
oh well.
-- - on to bigger n' better subjects.
Hi. Just read over this little brawl.
I'll start out saying I Love Shylock and Antonio. The girls just didn't do much for me.
Jessica was annoying in her regretful ways, she not only stole from her father but then married a Christian, I mean really... As for Portia...I cant really explain why I hold so much hatred for her.

As for Nerissa, the big debate issue, she didn't hold much importance at all. I agree with Clickxclash by saying she could have been plucked from the story line and not a lot would have been changed. Gratiano wouldn't have a love interest, oh well. Portia wouldn't have someone to gossip with about Bassanio.

"Lord love if thy will it be"...The only line I recall her saying, which, still, doesn't hold any importance to the story.

Oh, and mllereddeath, dear, your idea of complaning may differ from another. Stop assuming your opinions are solid facts.

One last thing, there all small parts. Takes messenger 2 for instance. Can you image anyone playing that up?

I played Salerio in a production and I do not think I could have given him any more of a personality then he was written.
I was honestly shocked at how unlikeable the three main characters (Antonio, Bassanio and Shylock) were. I mean, I love them all, and they all have their good parts, and shit's happened to all of them, but really? The only character I really, really liked because he was a "good person" was Lorenzo, and even that's kind of debatable, with the whole Jessica-stealing thing.

But. I love Bassanio, because it's not really HIS fault (and also Joseph Fiennes is kind of much with the gorgeous), and I love Antonio, because I have a thing for tragic love, and I kind of, I guess, feel for Shylock, because we never really find out if he was an ass before everyone treated him like shit. You know? I mean, if you live your entire life with people spitting on you and insulting you, you're going to get a little jaded. But, on the other hand, Tubal didn't seem that bitter, and he seemed shocked that Shylock was going to go through with the pound of flesh. So there's that, and maybe Shylock's a bastard underneath it all. I can't help but feel sorry for him, though.

Portia's brilliant, and Nerissa was amazing in the film. The thing with Jessica being regretful...I mean, it makes sense, because that was kind of a stupid and impulsive thing to do, kind of took away from my appreciation, I guess, of Jessica. It was an amazing film, though. And it's my favourite play by Shakespeare, and I'm so glad that they adapted it well.

/total geek rant
portia coz thats my name and im biased =P make icons with quotes form her lol... hahahaha cool community oxox
So, yeak..I am the only one who only likes Antonio. Don't get me wrong, I am not anti-Semetic, I just thought Shylock was a little overboard anout the whole ordeal.