Kelly Caitlin (thejobsagame) wrote in merchantovenice,
Kelly Caitlin

I made a small batch of Merchant of Venice icons at my icon journal (_goodvibrations). So here they are. 11 total.

Comment/Credit. <3

01.Image hosted by 02.Image hosted by 03.Image hosted by

04.Image hosted by 05.Image hosted by 06.Image hosted by
07.Image hosted by 08.Image hosted by 09.Image hosted by
10.Image hosted by 11.Image hosted by
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ooh! those are all very lovely! I would try to say I liked this one or that one the most but they're all very nice.
i love the colors.
I'm a lurker, just searching for some Merchant icons and stumbled across this com. Beautiful job, by the way :-D. Taking 3 and 10, and will of course credit.
Taking 1, 8, 11, 10. Will credit.

Thanks for making me smile!
*steals 1, 8, and 10*
Thanks so much! ^.^